Michael Löffler

Name: Löffler, Michael

Position: Wiss. Mitarbeiter

Zimmer: 02.032

Tel: +49 9131 85-23139

E-Mail: michael.loeffler [at] fau.de



  • Publikationen (ab Anfang 2010)


    • Löffler, Michael, et al. "Untersuchung analytischer und numerischer Modelle zur anwendungsspezifischen Dimensionierung eines Amplified Piezo Actuators (Study on analytical and numerical models for application-specific dimensioning of an Amplified Piezo Actuator)." Tm-Technisches Messen (2017).
    • Löffler, Michael, and Reinhard Lerch. "Reliable characterization of the inverse-magnetostrictive behavior of thin films applying Vibrating Sample Magnetometry." Proceedings of the 62nd Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Pittsburgh, PA 2017.


    • Löffler, Michael, et al. "FEM-based optimization of an inverse-magnetostrictive pressure sensor." Proceedings of the MMM - Intermag Joint Conference, San Diego, CA Ed. AIP, IEEE, 2016. 440.
    • Löffler, Michael, et al. "Optimizing the dimensions of an inverse magnetostrictive MEMS pressure sensor by means of an iterative Finite Element scheme." IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 52.7 (2016).


    • Nierla, Michael, Michael Löffler, and Stefan Rupitsch. "Iterative finite element scheme for magnetoelectric energy harvesters." Proceedings of the Eurosensors 2015, Freiburg Elsevier BV, 2015. 496-500.
    • Löffler, Michael, et al. "Hysteresis of the resonance frequency of magnetostrictive bending cantilevers." Journal of Applied Physics 117.17 (2015).
    • Fink, Michael, et al. "Sonographic Detection of Nanoparticles used for Magnetic Drug Targeting." Proceedings of the AMA Conferences 2015 – SENSOR 2015, Nürnberg 2015. 430 - 435.


    • Löffler, Michael, et al. "Toward a Novel Remote Pressure Sensor: Influence of Static Magnetic Fields on the Resonance Frequency of Magnetostrictive Microcantilevers." IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 50.11 (2014).
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    • Löffler, Michael, et al. "Towards a novel remote pressure sensor: Influence of static magnetic fields on the resonance frequency of Magnetostrictive Microcantilevers." Proceedings of the IEEE International Magnetics Conference (INTERMAG), Dresden 2014. 1178-1179.
    • Löffler, Michael, et al. "Measurement of the magnetization of thin-film samples subjected to mechanical stress." Proceedings of the 20th IMEKO TC-4 International Symposium on Research on Electrical and Electronic Measurement for the Economic Upturn, Benevento 2014. 55-59.
    • Löffler, Michael, et al. "Hysteresis of the resonance frequency of magnetostrictive bending cantilevers." Proceedings of the 59th Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (MMM), Honolulu 2014.
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